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With plenty to interest visitors, Austria is a country of startling contrasts.

If your ideal holiday involves walking in breathtaking scenery , Austria is the place for you. Once the mountains and valleys are in bloom, visitors travel to the area to participate in the many walking trails that meander through some of Austria's most beautiful areas. Also one of the world’s premier skiing areas, Austria caters for all tastes and all ages. Landlocked by Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy, Austria is a mountainous country, where German is spoken by 98% of the population.

Ranging from the Alps in the west to the Danube Basin in the east, to Vienna, the country’s capital which is the musical and historical centre of Austria. Conveniently located on the rail lines between Venice, Budapest, and Prague, Vienna is the crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe. Art lovers will be overwhelmed with its many beautiful buildings; music, art and architecture which can be found in plentiful supply.

Austria’s climate can be described as moderate continental. Summers are generally pleasantly warm with cool nights, during the summer months there are often heavy rainfalls, but they are generally short in duration.

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